About Us

Waterloo Candies was founded in October of 2015 to satisfy a sweet tooth.  While researching potential products to create, it became apparent that ingredient listings relied heavily on the use of chemical formulas and corn by-products. Determined not to be a follower, our research led us to find and settle on fudge made with natural ingredients. And to fully satisfy that sweet tooth, why not enrobe it in the finest Belgian chocolates?

Our close-knit team of long time trusted co-workers, friends and family have virtually achieved that goal!

Fudg`ocolates bring together the comfort of fudge and the love of chocolate, combining both to create the ultimate sweet delight! The fudge recipes we use are rooted in history  going back more than a century to the serendipitous discovery of fudge – when “fudge” took on a whole new meaning other than “messed-up!”

Our melt-in-your-mouth soft fudges are expertly mixed in small batches to maintain artisan taste and quality. Our cooking process uses traditional French copper pots to maintain perfection, and the enrobing chocolates are selected from the very best Belgian chocolate makers.


Each Fudg`ocolate, a bit different than the next, is a celebration of this tradition!