14 Flavours

We have 14 flavours of Fudg'ocolates! 

Each is available on its own in a 300g (14 piece) box.  They can also be found in our Assorted, SamplerAll Dark, and All Milk boxes

Custom (per piece) orders are also welcome. Contact us with your special order needs.


Hazelnut Fudg'ocolateHazelnut

Mint Chocolate Fudg'ocolateChocolate Mint

peanut butter fudgocolatePeanut Butter

canadian maple fudgocolateCanadian Maple

Almond Fudg'ocolateAlmond

Pumpkin Spice Fudg'ocolate Pumpkin Spice

Honey Butter Fudg'ocolateHoney Butter

Chocolate Chocolate Fudg'ocolateChocolate Chocolate

Butterscotch Fudg'ocolateButterscotch

Honey Lemon Fudg'ocolateHoney Lemon

Anise Fudg'ocolateAnise

Coffee Fudg'ocolateCoffee

Butter Pecan Fudg'ocolate

Butter Pecan

Orange Chocolate